Monday, November 2, 2009

Mesmerizing Carbon

Always love the look of carbon and how it changes in relation to how the light strikes it. But I am one who prefers to let someone else do the carbon lay-up and get their hands stuck together rather than getting too involved.

However, I found this method of dealing with carbon on the net. Really quite amazing how they do it. I am sure quite a few moth homebuilders would like one of these:

Though not too sure about the $375k price tag of the car as the result.

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  1. Massive hype - plenty of these around and they have been around a long time too - at least since the 80's. A symptom of the changing ethos that what was once explained to me as a humble modified sock weaving machine with a smidgeon of intelligence tacked on has now become one of two extremely expensive machines worthy of an internet flick. There could be a parallel to what has happened to Moths themselves.