Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moths Flying In From Everywhere

Well our little Singapore fleet has exploded in numbers! There were 3 of us at the start of the year, Robbo, Will and myself. Well now we have 8! Guess we should start creating a Singapore Moth Association...

So I sold my old bladerider to Birdman and got a new Mach2 in time for the Dubai worlds. 2 Mach2s landed last week. 1 has hit the water, only to be greeted by an awesome sub 5 knots post rain storm wind. The other will be on the water this week as he only just moved to Singapore over the weekend. Good planning, get the boat to the new place before you get there, hehe.

Now some local guys in Singapore have taken up the Assassin dealership for Asia and have rigged up their boat in their loungeroom. Not sure if that was good planning, lack of a girlfriend, or an indication that there really is nothing to watch on tv, but they will be moving the boat to the club shortly.

And to make sure it isn't a blokes club, a young English lass has bought a second hand X8 and it will be winging its way over in the next weeks.

So all happening. Next month is Western Circuit which is one the big regattas on the Singapore calendar with assortment of yachts and beachcats out and about. Moths have been invited and hopefully we should attract a few more people who find that there is a lack of racing action here.

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