Friday, December 16, 2011

Moths @ the Extreme Sailing Series

Well the extreme 40 circus came to town in Singapore for their last leg of the season. Also included Arnaud crewing on Team Tilt. But we also had 6 moths joining in the sailing activities in probably one of the most unique venues around. Our rigging area was on the F1 track next to the Singapore Flyer. One side of the course are 2 huge glasshouses as part of a new garden complex, the casino that has God's ironing board on top, and the city skyline. It is also part of the city's water reservoirs so fresh murky water. For the moths we had Dion from HK and Pete from Australia fly in. Picked up lot of tips of what the Aussie fleet is doing, cheers for that Pete. We attempted to do some racing, but the wind/weather and availability of power boats made things a bit hard at times, so showing off was the order of the day. Pete did the running man through the Opti fleet, I attempted the same in front of the vip tent but ended up water skiing/dragged along behind the boat holding the mainsheet whilst the boat still foiled before it went all pear-shaped. But I did manage to go from lowriding to foiling whilst standing up the whole time. Did it a few times, but hard on the legs trying to balance. Also we generally got the better breezes to sail in when the x40s were on shore, but for some reason there was a lack of cameras turned on. Have to thank the extreme 40 organizers for letting us be part of the event. Not too many times you can go for a moth and then leave the boat at the dock and be 5th man for one of the x40 races. Some photos here: More to come I believe.

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