Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Well I have just completed my first Moth Worlds at The Gorge and it was certainly a heap of fun and a massive learning experience for me. Having never done a Moth race before at any level, having a boat for just a year, and with the number of times that I have sailed in winds above 15 knots on a moth being able to be counted on one hand, it was certainly an eye-opener.

The Gorge was a great venue, and the organisers did a great job with race management. Big creds to these guys. Certainly a high quality field with the depth quite high. Looking at the entrants and some of their achievements, really quite impressive.

As for my results, didn't complete all the races as I kept having breakdowns. With 3 races back-to-back and breaking down in the first race of the day does not do wonders for your performance. Really frustrating. But for the time I was on the race course, wasn't great but wasn't bad. Just too many tacks that ended with me being on the centerboard, or the famous AMAC tack. Except I don't have his fantastic boatspeed to make up for it.

So back to work for now and catching up on the world after tuning out from the world for 2 weeks to go sailing. 2000+ emails greeting me ensured that my holiday was surely over.

But no rest from sailing this weekend. The big local regatta for yachts is on in Singapore and is called the Western Circuit. Runs over 3 weekends and normally quite good fun. Missed the first weekend, but back for the second. Got to be at the club at 445am!!! for immigration checkout as we have a 60nm race to Pulau Pisang (Banana Island) in the Malacca Straits so in Malaysian waters. Racing on a TP52 so we should be back just after lunch for afternoon beers waiting for the rest and watching the Bledisloe Cup rugby.

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