Monday, August 31, 2009

Sheep Stations

Well an interesting contrast going from great race management and a no protest moth worlds, to a local yacht regatta where the owners believe they are racing for the deeds of sheep stations.

We didn't have the race to the Pulau Pisang to get bananas as the local immigration officers decided they didn't want to turn up and check all the boats and crew out. Some miscommunication beforehand, usual stuff, but reckon they weren't keen on the 5am start time to process everybody.

So some makeshift "passage races" were arranged instead. Again local authorities limited our sail area so we were only allowed to sail in a narrowish 2nm corrider, rather than an open area where a true windward/leeward course could be set. They were worried that would run into some of the hundreds of ships at anchor. Good thing they didn't see our second start where a Mumm30 tried to hold the fleet on starboard.

Anyway, usual crap start lines where you couldn't get off the line on starboard. Mumm 30 tried to hold the fleet on starboard by being most starboard, but when you are 10 ft shorter to the next boat, never going to work. So owners were called Arrogant Bastards ashore, protests filed, and they finally left the room at 1130 on a Sunday evening. Ridiculous stuff.

But onto moth-ish stuff. Boat is all back safe in Singapore. Having the sexy carbon/kevlar boxes (organised by Robbo) meant we didn't have the delays that some of the other guys had getting their boats back home. Now it is time to sort it all out. After seeing other moths and how they are prepped, doing the big program of making sure it is ready for Dubai and no alphabet scores!

So whilst that is going been taking the A-cat out for a spin. Hadn't sailed it since Feb so good idea to sweep the cobwebs out of it. Amazing the difference in feel on the water. The A-cat doesn't feel heavy and shouldn't at all up weight of 75kg, but can certainly feel it in the water. Also really noisy too. But otherwise went to normal flat water location off Pasir Ris Beach near Changi Sailing Club. Super flat water, though bit shifty at times, just plus have to watch out for all the Kampong fishermen (see pic for an example).

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