Sunday, September 20, 2009


Weekend of not much happening on the wind front. Saturday had morning storms which sucked the wind out. Sunday was a glass out. Fortunately did not really plan to go sailing, but since a 10min bike ride from the club if there is ever breeze I can head out quickly as it generally doesn't last too long otherwise.

But do have the latest accessory for moths with an altitude adjuster now. Took the JPZ adjuster seen at the worlds to an ex-pat in Singapore who replicated it quite nice in his workshop for Robbo and I. Done a couple of mods with the barrel a bit wider in diameter and diamond-pattern knurling so the rope actually grips nicely, plus it has bar ends incorporated into it to stop the rope falling off the ends. Should be a beauty on the water, just need some wind!

Heard a local misadventure by a couple of guys on an Inter17 cat. They were sailing around and the breeze was quite light. As is common around Singapore waters, there are lots of ships at anchor and they sailed into the wind shadow of an Oil Rig Platform. Little did they know that the Oil Rig was doing testing and had the bow thrusters on full. Well the Inter17 did the sailing impression of the Millenium Falcon getting tractor-beamed into the Death Star and in a very short period were actually on the Oil Rig Platfom themselves!!! Fortunately sails and dignity were the only things hurt in this misadventure.

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  1. Hi James,
    Marcel from Dubai here, Is there any chance that you could get your expat friend to make a couple of those and I can buy them off you for the Dubai fleet? you see it is nearly impossible to get that sort of stuff from around here!
    let me know please: