Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hungry Ghosts Fasting

Spent the weekend on another moth as mine is getting fixed up and not back as yet. Meant having to do a few things on my mates boat to tune it as the owner generally doesn't get out too often as he overtrains on the "Tiger Program". But was weird that he took out the bladders from the tramps. Made it all a bit hard for the times of little wind.

Surprisingly the wind cooperated over the weekend and able to get out for long periods. Normal procedure in Singapore is waiting for a small storm cell to drive through 15-20 mins of wind. But had 8-12 on Sat and consistent too, so went off to the National Sailing Center a couple of nm away to cause havoc/mischief with all the kids out training on the Opti's and other things. The sight of a moth going through their training is certainly an easy way to distract their attention.

Sunday the cat fleet came out to play. The wind was a bit over the place. Went from 20+ zero visibility due to a storm front that was fast coming through, to 5 knots and bobbing around, and lots of variability in between. Decided to be an unofficial starter as they can't rate me against the cats as the moth doesn't have a Texel handicap. There was also a brand new Nacra 20 on the water as well, so good chance to line up against this monster. Rather crazy how big and heavy it is, esp at an on water weight around 200kg, and asked them if they needed a crane to put the mast up as they had 4 guys trying to right it.

So moth v nacra 20? In 10 knots was matching them upwind despite starting late, but they weren't stretching away so around 100m ahead of me at the top mark. Downwind, well quickly reelled them in and passed them. They were going along really fast compared to the Taipans and Vipers, and a bit shocked when I passed them.

As for the post title, that time of the year in Singapore with 2 big religious events this month. Hungry Ghost festival celebrated by the Chinese Buddhists with the belief that the dead or "hungry ghosts" return, so lots of incense and "hell money" and other items being burned to appease these ghosts. Also the Muslims have fasting month where no eating/drink etc during daylight hours. There is a Mosque in my narrow street (as well as a Buddhist Temple next to it), so have to time coming and going as it can take 15 mins to drive 200m or so to get to the main road.

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