Monday, December 14, 2009

eXtreme 40s and the monsoon

The Singapore leg of the extreme 40 Asian tour is in town. 6 boats have been put in a small basin next to the Singapore Flyer. For those who have watched the Singapore F1 Night Race, it is where the entrance to the pit straights is. Not a big spot, but you are close to the action.

So managed to have a sail on the Red Bull boat on their training day with the local sailmaker. They needed some adjustments to their C0 to improve luff tension. Great getting on a boat with Roman Hagara steering and Hans-Peter on tactics (these guys got gold in the Tornado in 2000 and 2004). Very calm and collected.

Robbo managed to get on the Oman boat and the Almeira boat with Shirley. And Thierry Martinez was snapping pics too. He was wanting our moths to line up against the 40s for a few pics. Would have been good, but think next year as the local authorities don't too kindly to people randomly sailing on their new freshwater drinking supply reservoir.

Otherwise somehow managed to cover 75km over the weekend. Stuffed now. NE monsoon has just started and should last for 3 months or so. 15 knots and gusty due to all the condo's lining the beach. Had to go amongst all the parked ships to get good breeze, but catch 22 due to the big wind shadows from them.

Boat felt great too. Feel as though I am improving slowly and using what I learnt at the Gorge and applying in practise. We will see how when Robbo finally gets out on the water.

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