Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well the wind has swung around to the NE which means offshore wind. Just behind the sailing club is a massive wind block from some big condo complexes which means floating for 500m out to the breeze. By the time you get to consistent breeze you are in the world's biggest shipping parking lot. But the haul out that distance is worth out, nice and flat water and good breeze, 12-15 a lot of the time, but lot of holes still. Does mean planning ahead when amongst the ships. Anchored ships aren't to be messed with, especially when they are big Panamax or above class. Incredible how big they are when you are close. Just a wall of steel.

Haven't sighted Robbo on his Mach2 yet since the worlds, but Will has been coming out more regularly and progressing fast. Just needs to build a bit more fitness. So I have predominantly been sailing around by myself. Using the Speedpuck a lot to work out targets for up/downwind. Numbers progression has been upwards and surprise myself occasionally. Really happy with the new mast, seems to work well with the sail.

Mate on the Red Bull extreme 40 team mentioned to me recently they are looking at getting a moth to travel with them on the circuit in Europe. Similar to the Puma Moths as a way to engage the punters. Will be good to see. Especially since Red Bull are rather good with their promotion and events.

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