Sunday, February 7, 2010


Red is the colour of the new mainsail. Looks good and bright, plus really easy for the punters on the beach to see.

Red is the colour of my face after spending the weekend in the sun putting together the new Mach2 and working out how to sail this new weapon. Feels really good out of the box and have it going quite well I think. Spent 3 hrs+ on Sat/Sun sailing it. Feels fast downwind, but need to work on how to get it foiling a bit better in marginal conditions upwind. Would start to foil, and then once you thought ok, fall back down. Had to be really aggressive bearing away to keep up.

Red is the colour of my temper. Returned from sailing on Sat to find some w@nker (who needs a massive kick to the nuts) had gone through my sailing box (which is an open area between the bar and sail hire spot) and taken my bag out. The said w@nker took the bag to the toilets and stole my phone and wallet. Extremely annoying as I now have 2 weeks to resurrect all the cards with new ones before I get married and go on honeymoon (with return trip via Dubai worlds).


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss. The "up and thump down" on the Mach2 in marginal conditions is definitely helped by having an adjustable ride height adjuster. Marginal foiling - I wind the height down to about a foot so that the main foil does not stall (the thump bit). I also wind the rudder right forward so as to lift the stern. Once airborne, I wind the height back up and centralise the rudder.

  2. Wallet actually got handed in, which is a relief. Cash gone of course. But waiting for new cards now since I stopped all those.

    Haven't put the ride height adjuster on yet. Either this weekend or before the worlds. Thanks for your tips.