Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top 10

Well thought I would start off the top 10 pre-worlds banter tradition.

Since there will be a number of late entries and the current list on the official site, doesn't even include the defending World Champ Bora, thought I would do an alternative. Sign up mothies!

So here goes:

  1. Tiller of doom à mast of doom à boom of doom à boat of doom??? Where will the doom end? Arnaud and Mikis will certainly be working on ideas...
  2. Someone has been working on Scott’s formula and the answer is… (for the original formula, you will find here:
  3. "The wind is not usually like this". Standard quote from the locals.
  4. Top 10 list including sailors not going to the worlds
  5. Mad dash on the beach to have the latest “must have” item. Last year was height adjusters, what will the secret squirrels bring to Dubai this year?
  6. Watching Bora’s efforts to bring his boat back to his hotel each evening to tuck it in for a good night’s rest
  7. Clear sails are so 2009. 2010 is all about colour and bling. Bring the bling and help the WAGS in the gin palace point out their worse halves.
  8. Need a name for twin wands look. The walrus? See this link for ideas,
  9. The usual internet whinge about lack of timely results/pictures/reports blah blah blah. Though if Clean from SA is covering the worlds, then this will degenerate into a whinge about him instead as per usual programming on Sailing Anarchy
  10. BUT most of all, it will be great racing!

See you all in Dubai! Not sure on which boat yet. Down to whether they build the Mach2 in time or not.

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  1. James,

    I just arrived in Singapore and love to go moth sailing. Have no experience in the flying moth, but plenty (+20 yrs) racing experience. Is there anything organized in Singapore?


    Jur Gaarlandt