Sunday, April 11, 2010


Had the big triathlon in Singapore over Sat and Sunday with the swim leg next to Mana Mana (the sailing club). So on Saturday put up the bright red sail, and nice onshore breeze building to 10 or so, decided a few fly-bys were in order.

In little to no time the commentators moved their attention from the swimming to the moth wondering what on earth it was and how cool it looked. Kinda funny and the red sail stands out for sure.

On Sunday the breeze was a light to begin with. But with nothing else planned thought a sail was in order or at least boat work. Breeze came up again after a while to 10-12. Again I was distraction, but this time to the windsurfers. Went through what looked like a wind surfing school at full noise, and think every kiddie dropped their sail and fell in. Haha. Next was creeping up on the Formula boards and blasting past. Nearly caused one guy to have a big stack when I blasted past as he wasn't expecting anyone to pass him.

So all cheap thrills to make my sailing day better. Hopefully the other moths come out and play soon. We are up to 4 in Singapore now with an ex-pat buying my Bladerider. We never got all 3 on the water at once before, wonder if we have more chance getting all 4 out.

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