Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Singapore Fleet Growing!

All of a sudden heaps of interest and new boats coming. Start of the year there were 3 boats, then I got my Mach 2. So need to get rid of the Bladerider. Well only really looked to sell that once the Mach 2 got delivered and after my honeymoon/worlds. As soon as that sold to a Brit ex-pat earlier in the moth, then I find out we have another 2 boats coming. Means our little equatorial fleet could be 6 boats soon! Woohoo!

The new boats will be owned by a British girl in her 20s and an Aussie guy re-locating. Bladerider and a new Mach2 respectively.

And the "sailing club" is loving it. "Sailing club" (called Mana Mana) in hyphens as it is really a beach resort with hire boats and windsurfers available, with a nice beachfront bar & restaurant.

We sort of muscled the moths in during the Volvo stopover. Mana Mana sort of had the 2 local moths & the 2 Puma moths turn up on their doorstep with us asking if we could rig up for the day there and leave the boats overnight as the top mark of the inport race was just off the beach. Well, nearly 18 months later the moths are still there.

Great spot for moths too. Grass rigging area under palm trees, and nice sandy beach for launching. Even have undercover parking when not sailing. And the beach is really steep with no waves. Waves sort of don't exist in Singapore. Can have the tip of the mast on the beach and right the boat and the foils won't be near the bottom, and even though the tidal range is large, no issues ever with depth. Can really freak out the people in the restaurant by foiling within a couple of metres of the beach and then capsize it in style.

So if all goes well, could have a Singapore Moth Nationals by year end...

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