Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekend Tooling Around

Breeze been great lately. A nice 8-12 ESE most weekends which runs sort of parallel along the shore. And with the ships blocking the waves, super flat for blasting.

Since the worlds been playing around with foil settings to try and get the most out of it all. Worlds were sort of a "she''ll be right" set up, but I only had the boat for 2 weekends beforehand and was sort of distracted by getting married.

Well finding that my changes is seeing the boat coming out really nicely and being really stable. Not too much back and forth body movement or ooching required which is cool.

But don't have too much to measure against as Robbo hasn't been sighted due to all the preps for the Youth Olympics and Asia Games, plus Will only just recovered from his bad ankle injury. And the new guy Andy is just trying to get into the boat and keep it upright. So all I know is that boat just feels nicer to sail, so that must be good?

And the boat is rather wicked looking with the black tramps. Despite being in the tropics, they don't feel any hotter and sort of reduce glare.

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