Thursday, September 9, 2010

Drag Racing... 2 knots.

Western Circuit finished up a few weeks ago and last race was a drag race between Robbo and I punching into a strong outgoing tide while trying to finish in the dying breeze and get back to the bar for a beer. Was thrilling stuff at 2 knots whilst we balanced side-by-side down the run, just what mothing is all about.

But the regatta was a good showcase for the moths in general to the rest of the sailing community in Singapore. Though the winds tended on the light side, gave Paul and Nick a chance to learn their boats and get some on/off water coaching from Robbo and me. Most races were a mix of foiling and lowriding. With some strong tides, usually outgoing, and the breeze going the opposite which meant some of the angles were horrible. 1 race it was quicker for Robbo to pinch straight at the mark lowriding with the tide directly behind that it was for me to foil due to the extra distance and 'orrible angle.

Robbo beat me in more races than I beat him, but because he missed 2 races on 1 day being super-coach for the keelboat trials which meant he had to swallow a DNC. So I walked away with Mumm Champagne. That was a nice prize, but not sure that 100m of 10mm polyester rope is going to be useful on a moth...

But the 8th moth in Singapore arrived this week. X8 from Dubai has been shipped over and means we have a chick sailing amongst now!

Just need some good breeze for a change. Watching all the Euro youtube clips and kicking myself that I had to cancel at the last minute due to work commitments. Grumble.

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