Thursday, September 23, 2010

So there is a Singapore Moth Association now

Well with 8 moths now in Singapore, we felt it was appropriate to formalise ourselves and create an association and work out what we want to sailing/racing wise. So over many beers at the pub we created our fledgling association with me being nominated as the President.

Probably best to give a breakdown of our fleet.

4 Mach 2s
3 Bladerider X8s
1 Assassin

We also have a range of ages and both sexes represented. It is great that we have a Singaporean junior on the Assassin at 15yrs old. He even plans to go to the Belmont Worlds which will be a great learning experience for him.

There is an Assassin dealer in Singapore with a second one sitting in the box as "stock". An ex-mothie from Perth is considering getting back into the class and even attended our meeting and set up our facebook page. So we could be 9 boats soon...

So if you want to see what is happening in the world of Singaporean mothing, you can "like" us on facebook by searching for "Singapore Moth Association".

Inaugurial Singapore Moth Nationals being tentatively planned for early Dec when the NE monsoon swings into action. Who knows how may could be on line, could be in double digits by then!

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