Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My worlds

So 2/3 through and in 53rd. Not quite where I wanted, but considering, I am happy.

First day started with a great start, great first beat, but looked for the starboard lay line and got lost in a massive hole which saw about 10th at the time become also ran. And in this type of racing I don't have the ability to claw 20+ positions back. But main aspect that this day influenced rest of the regatta in that I pulled/tore muscles in my right fore-arm. Saw a physio friend briefly and analysis was to rest it, but with a regatta to complete that can be next week!

So it means I have been limping round the course. Being unable to hold the main with my right hand for long means tough going upwind in 20+ knots. Really frustrating, but managed to get into the gold fleet and complete every race. So many times had great starts and then 2 mins into race have to dog it and ease up because I just can't hold on.

But other regatta comments:
- the red sail stands out against the boring clear sails. Of 110 boats on the course, having the red sail up I was the most visible. Wonder if amac can do safety orange for the next sail...
- the weed isn't as bad as I have seen in the past. Lived here for 12 years long ago when growing up and sometimes it is horrendous. But not as bad as the jellyfish plagues. In a sabot/flying ant it would feel like sailing through lumpy gravy, a moth would be terrifying in those occasions.
- regatta coverage tending to have the traditional home coverage slant. Expected, but sitting with some o/s sailors today comments were it would be nice to extend to those who made the effort to get here and outside the usual suspects.
- standard keeps increasing by the second. Can't afford to stand still in the moth class. But biggest thing is needing training partners who will challenge you on the course and try new things. Having only sailed against Robbo twice in local regattas since Dubai and those times in less than 10 knots, I feel under-trained for this regatta even though I was out most weekends sailing. So next is more on quality as well as quantity.

So 2 more days to go. Going to be a case of painkillers before racing and grit my teeth and htfu. Arm really not in a good state but only 6 races/ 2 days to go...

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