Friday, August 26, 2011

Spaghetti Western

Western Circuit is done for another year and over 3 weekends of racing and 10 races, i actually got a perfect score with all bullets. But of more interest is the growing competition between Dan/Will/Paul. Second place in the regatta was open until the last 50m of the last race, so they certainly had a good time battling it out. Going to be good to see these guys develop more over the coming months as they are developing some rivalry on the water.

But this was the first time I really got to sail my new boat as previously distracted with my baby girl of 2 months(and she is a cutie). For those who don't know, it is a Mach 2.1 and at first glance isn't much different from the old one except that it has bungs which is a positive move forward.

However, the new boat seems to be quicker than my old one (sailed by Dan) and lining up with the other guys they really couldn't hold on. So not sure if down to more experience, but I never walked away from them that quickly before on the old boat when lining up. Differences I can see is that the new main flap has a lot less drag, plus the foils are painted from the factory and rather smooth compared to bare foils. Could that be it? Otherwise was trying to use max amount of gearing as possible as the wave conditions were flat. Regardless happy with the end result.

Only things i need to work on is sealing the new wing bars. They don't have any cap on the inside at the forward end so fill up with water which makes them heavy. Also using a boatbreaker to tension the rig. Finding that having consistent tension makes the boat more consistent each time you sail so recommend that to anyone who wants to try.

But immediate plans to re-earn brownie points with the wife, so painting this weekend. Fortunately the wind forecast is rubbish.

Pics and info about Singapore mothing on facebook, search for "Singapore Moth Association". Page is open to anyone to join!

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  1. Could we see some pictures of your new boat? Very curious what some of the Modifications look like.