Monday, August 8, 2011

First Weekend of Western

5 moths turned up for Singapore's largest regatta with a mixed fleet of yachts, cruisers, SB3s, J24s and catamarans. Quite good that all different types of classes can be on the same course racing and everyone seems to enjoy it.

The morning treated us to rolling storm squalls coming through from Sumatra and Noah would have been in his element with the amount of rain pouring down. But with Singapore rain, it doesn't last too long and racing was underway with only an hour delay.

First race was a drift-off and the moth fleet collectively decided at the top mark that 1 lap was enough (rather than 3) and to the shock of the race committee finished at the bottom. Fortunately we were going so slow there was no issue with the timings, but they weren't expecting us to finish in those type of circumstances.

Fortunately about 10 mins later the wind came in at a nice 8-10 and a second race got under way. What took us 50min to do in the first race we managed to do 3 laps of in a total of 26 mins in the second race. I managed to scoot away in the breeze and left the other 4 to battle it out. To the shock of the 3 mach2s, Francois on the Bladerider was on fire and was almost 2nd to the top mark before Will decided that it best that he gets things moving along and put the accelerator down. Paul/Dan and Francois battled it out for third spot, but Paul managed to get through as Dan seems to be too timid when the boat foils too high and hasn't learnt to sheet in and send it yet. That will come in time.

Third race was marginal foiling at the bottom with the top of the course having nice breeze. The others struggled to get foiling consistently in the marginal stuff and a case of he who foils first wins.

This weekend coming sees racing on both Sat and Sun. Hoping for more consistent breeze.

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