Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Been a while between blogs, but with a baby girl (Helena) recently arriving in June, change of job, and a new boat arriving, things have certainly been busy.

But as the title says, the new boat is a silver Mach 2 with silver foils. Looks rather cool and I like being able to see the foils under the water. And being silver in the sun, it can be rather mesmerizing at times and can distract from the sailing. Supposedly my boat is one of the new Mach2.1s. Main thing different is that there is a ventilation tube linking the two tanks meaning no more hi-tech tape covering the bungs. Also a new gearing mechanism at the bow, but the one Simon showed recently not available so have some hybrid version.

Caught up with Brownie as well as he is in town for the Opti Asian Champs with the NZ team. Tried to arrange a sail with him, but didn't pan out. There are a large number of nations present so the obligatory fly-by was in order. Quite a few of the kids enjoyed it as most likely first time seeing a moth, but quite a few others were concentrating on prepping for the racing. They are more serious than most of the moth fleet at the worlds! Is it a case of over-coaching? But one girl from Singapore seems to be winning most of the races which is very impressive.

Western Circuit regatta next month with around 50 or so boats in Singapore racing including 6 or 7 moths. Hopefully we get good breeze as there are quite a few of the Nacra 20 Carbons here now and I haven't had a good line up against one yet. The Nacra 20 Carbon looks rather nice, but at 2x and a bit more the price of a moth, crazy money for a beach cat.

Otherwise some potentially interesting "firsts" coming up over the next 6-12 months. Case of determining logistics and time-off from work. But stay tuned...

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  1. Very cool fly by, the boat colour is awesome! Also great to catch up...